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Wild Rose Bush Time-Lapse Photography

Rose-bush-time-lapse-aThis past spring I thought it would be fun to take a photo a day of the Wild Rose Bush seen above. So everyday, for about three months, my youngest daughter and I took a walk to the cow fields you can see in the background of my pictures. My daughter and I had so much fun and looked forward to our daily outing to the wild rose bush and see how much it had grown from the day before. Sometimes the growth was barely noticeable and on others it seemed like we had skipped a week or so.
As each day passed I found myself full of anticipation to see what color the petals would be. When those first buds began to appear my little two-year old daughter finally started to understand my obsession over this wild overgrown bush. In the week that the buds appeared we would each run to the bush to see if any of the buds had opened to reveal the secret within. My girl was the first to discover the secret hiding within the folds of the green buds. She jumped up in down, clapped her hands in excitement and squealed with joy at finally seeing the beautiful white blooms of our wild rose bush in the cow pasture. Unfortunately the blooms didn’t last long. We had a huge storm hit just when the bush was peaking in white blooms. It blew most of the petals off and never blossomed again this season. That was our only disappointment, but there is always this coming spring to look forward to seeing the wild rose bush come to life and blossom again.

After you get the chance to view the video we would love to read your thoughts on it. Tell us what your favorite photo was.

Wild Rose Bush Time-Lapse Photography Video

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