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Weekly Moving Schedules with Free Printables – We’re On The Move Series

One Month Moving Schedules Checklists

Moving Schedules

We are moving and I decided to share my ideas on how to move with as little stress as possible. Therefore, the third post in the series “We’re On The Move” concerns setting up  Weekly Moving Schedules, being organized and setting up a plan of action. Whether your move is a fairly modest one or quite an extensive one you will find that being prepared has it’s benefits and hopefully will pay off with a welcome reduction in stress levels.

Accordingly, in this post there will be links to free printables from around the web and two other blogger’s moving lists to help inspire you to create your own schedule. Websites that offer eight, four and even one week schedules are listed below. Moreover, you can also check out my Pinterest board ‘Plan and Organize Your Move’ and view what I have been pinning for additional moving information and inspiration.

Stick it to Stress

Constructing a moving schedule and sticking to it is at the top of the list towards having a smooth low stress move. With a plan everyone knows what is happening in the moment and what is to come. If you have children, assigning them jobs can spark their interest in the events that are about to impact their lives, it can be enjoyable, tangible, and hopefully prepare them in the best way possible. For additional information about preparing children for a move visit my post HERE.

Constructing a moving schedule and sticking to it is at the top of the list towards having a smooth low stress move. Click To Tweet

The move we are executing needs to be completed in less than four weeks. We live in a dinky two bedroom apartment and we will be moving ourselves to a generously spacious house, a bit of a distance from where we are now. I quickly designed a four week schedule for us to follow, and have it listed at the bottom of this post. If you fancy it you can download a PDF version HERE.

Do you need a wee bit of inspiration to create your own schedule? Check out…

it’s overflowing – Aimee has a wonderful post to help you get started: Useful Moving Tips and a Packing Schedule

Eight Week Moving Schedules
U Pack
Good Housekeeping
All My Sons

Four Week Moving Schedules

Help i am Moving
Home Advisor
Apartment Therapy
Download our PDF 4 week Checklist HERE

One Week Moving Schedule


Our One Month Free Moving Checklist

Four Weeks Before Move

  • Give landlord a written 30-day notice of move – if renting
  • Get organized set up a Moving Binder/Planner
  • Schedule movers and or rental truck
  • Gather up boxes, tape, packing materials and any other supplies for packing
  • Begin to declutter belongings room by room
    Living Room
    Bedroom #1
    Bedroom #2
  • Plan Menus to use up food stores

Three Weeks Before Move

  • Start packing non-essentials
  • Start taking down photos and other art from the walls and patch the holes.
  • Decide which furniture to take to the new home.
  • Inform all financial institutions, credit card providers and insurance.
  • Fill out a Change of Address Form with the USPS to forward mail.
  • Send new address to all contacts.

Two Weeks Before Move

  • Cancel or forward:

Bank Accounts
Phone/Cell Phones

  • Cancel or transfer your paper, magazines and electronic subscriptions.
  • Pack a New Home Essentials Box.
  • Continue to pack.

One Week Before Move

  • Clean out the freezer/refrigerator.
  • Stop watering plants.
  • Pack remaining belongings.
  • Thoroughly clean each room.
  • Leave a written copy of forwarding address with landlord for the deposit (if renting).
  • Do a final inspection walk-through (with landlord if renting).
  • Turn in keys.

Download Our One Month Checklist

More in this series: We’re On The Move

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4 week Moving Schedules Free Checklists

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