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Stop Trying To Niche Me, I’m Multifaceted

 Life is not a set niche why should my blog be any different?

Stop trying to niche me, I am Multifaceted.  Large and small businesses’ sales come from many different kinds of products and not all of them are ‘niche’ related. For example, Target sells such things as clothes, toys, school supplies, and beauty products. Kroger sells more than groceries, gas stations sell more than gas, hobby stores sell decor and party supplies, libraries provide the public with more than just books and small Mom and Pop stores sell a hodge podge of items. Do you know why they are successful? Because they did not limit themselves and realized that to be successful you have to expand and grow beyond your initial vision and change things to stay up-to-date on what interests people.

Stop Trying To Niche Me I'm Multifaceted

1, 2, 3, Phttt…  😛

I cannot begin to count how many times I have read a Blog Help post that said, I “HAD” to pick a blog niche or I would confuse my audience.

*cough, bullshit, cough!*

Three year olds are not regularly reading our blogs. Grown adults are, with perhaps a sprinkling of the younger generation. If you visit my blog because you followed a link to a recipe and see that I also have posts for Printables, DIY, personal posts and videos and that confuses you please seek help. Because you are missing out on a wider perspective of life. I mean, come on, it is not like I am blogging about Chem Trails, how fashion trends impact the growing minds of newborns and the environmental effects of bat guano.

Although, I am not trying to say that someone else could not make that work. 😀

Life can change weekly and does yearly.

My interests today may not interest me next week; life is constantly changing and reshaping us, but here is my story of trying to be a good little blogger by listening to those who say I should conform.

I was told I should write a blog series and that doing so would bring me traffic, bring back visitors, and would hold me accountable to produce posts. The main purpose of this exercise was to convince me that I needed to focus on one topic and this would thus convince me to conform to a niche. I allowed myself to feel pressured into the series, even though I genuinely did not want to write so many posts on one subject.




At the time of this post I have been unsuccessful with completing the series. Simply because someone has a lot of knowledge about something does not mean they want to write about it, over and over again. Focus is a great thing but too much can definitely be limiting.

What I wanted to do was write a post or two and be done with it. As a whole I hated the process and that series is still sitting there mocking me with its half written posts. Like an unmailed anniversary card sitting in a box, at the top of my closet, with all its brother and sister cards and letters, I forgot to mail in time. I also did not care for the pressure I was under to finish the series – it came with a seasonal deadline. This added up to losing interest in the project and shelving it (exactly like those flippin’ cards).

For now.
I do not know.
Stop pressuring me.

(Slow deep breaths)

I was not passionate about it and hated the whole process. Isn’t ‘having passion and purpose’ one of the main things brought up in, “How To Blog Properly,” posts? Passion and purpose are not picked from a hat they are cultivated.

Boredom set in quickly towards that series. What I do like is to have several open projects to work on, it keeps my brain active and provides me opportunities to change directions when needed. I work better and faster when I do not limit myself to a box of rules just waiting to spring out at me like those ‘snakes in the can’ gags.

I really just want the mixed nuts. Minus the cashews, I strongly dislike those.

Now, to be fair, I will say I became severely ill around the time I started the series. It has played a huge role in my leaving it undone. On the other hand, I did find a way to carry out a series of posts that I am creating my way, in a time frame I can work with, and it is completely flexible. Guess what? I love it and I still have a passion for it.

I Tried To Niche My Blog… Sort Of

Yes, I did try to separate my topics into separate blogs. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to write about Recipes, DIY, family and some personal topics. That is in part because I already do a form of these things on my YouTube Channel, and this blog is a natural extension of that channel. Along this journey I discovered I also love creating Printables. I have a notebook full of ideas for Printables, enough to last me for years. Enough for a niche blog if I so desired it.


So, I tried spreading my categories into three separate blogs. This also meant there were three separate logins too remember and deal with, and three separate social media personalities to develop. What a pain in the butt that all was! So I trashed it all.

Then I tried one blog with different sub-domains. Honestly, it all had me spread way too thin and there were huge chunks of time that would go by without new posts on them, it was all to overwhelming to keep each one up to date. Several times I have thought about giving in, but deep down I know I do not want to and I need to discover for myself what it is I really want and how to do that.

I’m okay with the fact that I’m still trying to figure it out.

Be Happy

Not everyone will care to read the post I wrote for my youngest son, or download the journal pages I created for adults or the ones for young children. Consequently, my type of creativity, humor or style of writing is not going to appeal to everyone (Do you see what I did there? No?!). Guess what? I am okay with that.

I am allowing myself to be ‘me’ and have now combined all of my content to one blog and got rid of the sub-domains.

Now I am happy.

I am me.

I am multifaceted.

Having It My Way

Ultimately I will have it my way and for me that means going against the grain and having it all. Yes, I am eating my cake, it is six layers, all layered with thick icing, it is a corner piece, there are two kinds of ice cream, on the side, and there is plenty for later. I have never really been one to conform anyway.

Forceful Blog Nichers this is my blog and I choose to be multifaceted. Maybe this will hurt me in some ways, maybe this will help me stand out and people will take notice. I am not here to do what’s already been done, I’m willing to blaze my own trail.  I will be happy with my blog and what I am doing. That counts as a success in my blog book.

I Suspect My Revelation Will Not Sit Well With Many “How to Blog” Bloggers.

When I first heard about a “Blog Niche” I was visiting a Facebook support group for bloggers. In the beginning, I did not take much notice of it, but then it was being passed off as something a blogger had to do to be successful. As you can conclude, from the top part of this post, I started to fall for the hype. When I put the brakes on and did some research, guess what I discovered?! It was the bloggers who had blogs solely about blogging that were pushing the whole ‘find your niche’ thing. I understand why it is being pushed. These niche blogs have found a great deal of success – In A Niche!

At this time, one of the hottest topics to search for is “How to be a Successful Blogger” One of the hottest ways to make money online is to sell information and products on “How to be a Successful Blogger.” Most of the bloggers that really push this idea of needing a niche, write about blogging and/or have courses, products and/or coach on how to have a successful blog. Their niche is making money on telling you how to blog.

Here is the BIG clincher…

MANY -and I mean most- of these “How To Blog” Bloggers are new bloggers, have never had a successful blog, and/or are regurgitating information they found on other “How To Blog” websites.

Do you understand the significance of this?

Here is the ironic part, this topic, of ‘How To Blog’ is so hot that blogs about food, fashion, homeschooling and so on have a section on, you guessed it. Blogging!  It draws in the views and that draws in the money, I guess these bloggers know that being multifaceted has it’s benefits.

I don’t know about you but I would rather get blogging advice from someone who has or has had a successful recipe, lifestyle, tech, or garden blog than from someone who has never blogged before or tasted the success of a well run one.

I do not seem to be playing well with others

This blog post is mostly written out of frustration. Mainly from people trying to give me advice on a subject I never asked advice for and from seeing so many people stressing over being told they have to “find their niche.”

A few bloggers, in the business of selling ideas on how to blog, have told me to downsize my topics. I had one blogger tell me to only focus on cleaning posts because that was the only posts that were interesting. What she actually meant was that they were the only posts I wrote that SHE was interested in. Another told me to focus on Printables and stop confusing my audience with all the rest. We already know how I feel about that.

Both of these bloggers “Contacted ME” with offers to help me with the ‘design’ of my blog, but neither of them offered any design ideas. Both of them are angry with me and refuse to speak to me because I will not be forced into a blog niche.

Be True To Yourself

It seems to have become the norm to tell bloggers to find a niche and stick with it, but not all blogs are the same, and in my opinion, not all blogs should be pigeonholed into one subject matter or theme. New bloggers need time to figure out what they honestly want to write about. Too many voices are being silenced.

Let us pause for a minute. Let me take your hands in mine and look into my eyes.     … metaphorically speaking of course.

Love what you do.

It is okay to do you and enjoy your diversity.

Remember, you do not need to have everything figured out from the start. In time you may discover you want to niche your blog or you may discover your blog is meant to be multifaceted. Like mine. 😀  Both kinds of blogs have their place on the world-wide-web.

Just so nobody misunderstands me

I acknowledge that there are certain kinds of blogs that work very well under a niche. I have found many wonderful niche blogs that are very useful and I am very grateful that they exist.

Also, believe it or not, when I am searching for ideas on what to do with my new yarn stash, I do not care to read about somebody’s son’s birthday or want that fabulous printable planner that took months to create. But, if i find a connection with the writer, I will be back.

Most importantly, I am not begrudging anyone for making some honest money.


You Niche Nazis need to take a step back and acknowledge that we multifaceted bloggers deserve a place in the blogging world, we have a purpose, many as a matter of fact. 😉  If you can not do that, you are too closed minded for me to pay attention to anything you have written.

For everyone else, when all is said and done, go for it. Do not let anyone deter you from your vision and goals.

Own it.

Be true to yourself.

Dear Readers and Blog Friends

I do welcome advice on how to improve the look of my blog, how things work, where to advertise, what plugins are helpful, what kinds of recipes or printables you would find useful or even on how to improve my writing skills. However, I do not need advice on what I should or should not write about on My Blog. That is for me and me alone to decide… Well, and in some cases my family. It’s my blog and it should reflect who I am.

I want to be helpful to those that visit us and I am very grateful to those that support us and have offered genuine guidance. BUT in the end, I the writer of this blog post am the matriarch of this blog, I paid for it. I write for it. It’s my platform and I am going to do what I want on it and when I want to do it. If I want to post five printable posts and then a recipe or two, than an art video I spent three months making, I am damn well gonna do that. Why? Because I can! Because that is being true to myself. That is going to bring people back more than limiting myself to a niche and pretending I am something I am not.

I Am Multifaceted.


I wonder if anyone has written about fashion trends impacting the growing minds of newborns.

I have seen a lot of Chem Trails in the sky, it might be a good idea to google that sometime.

Every time I think of bat guano I cannot help but think about it being in mascara and why I still have not researched brands’ mascara ingredients.

HA! I have written a blog post that has the phrases Chem Trails, how fashion trends impact the growing minds of newborns and the environmental effects of bat guano.

But! did I do it successfully? LOL

I wonder how people will respond to this post? They will probably get me or huff at me.

Hmmm… I kinda hope I get a little bit of huff.

Why am I craving nuts? Almonds. Chocolate covered almonds. Aaannnd the stores are all closed. G-R-E-A-T!       …      Cake! I have cake!

CRAP! I really need to get rid of those cards. The thought of them sitting in my closet is stressing me out! Perhaps I can make some placemats or coasters out of them.


No! That is a horrible idea! Then they will be lying around mocking me about the numerous times I forgot to …  *PLOP*  Man that’s a lot of icing. Wait! What was I suppose to be writing about? Oh, yeah!



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Stop Trying To Niche Me I'm Multifaceted
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16 thoughts on “Stop Trying To Niche Me, I’m Multifaceted

  1. Emily
    My blog has a lot of variety, while I've never felt I have a specific niche, I say all my topics have one thing in common... they are all things I'd rather do than what I should be doing (like cleaning!)! Thank you for this!
  2. Carolann
    Yes and right on sister! I agree totally with you and what you said about the other bloggers pushing that narrative down our throats is so true! Great post and thank you!
  3. Kami Densonwa
    Thank you!!! I see so many bloggers try to push the "pick a niche." I'm glad to see someone speak out on the subject.
  4. Wendy
    I don't blog anymore but I whole heartedly agree with this post. Seems one big blogger expresses an opinion such as you need a niche to succeed and everone falls in line with that thought. It's nice to see that there are some bloggers that can still think on their own. Keep up the good work.
    • Suzanne
      Thank you Barrie. I love your blog so many great posts! Your "Say What?" post hit so close to home I had to subscribe.
  5. Carin Harris
    I'm 'niche-less' by choice too. I hate the idea of being pigeon holed so I refuse. It's more fun that way. If you don't like what you are doing, as you've pointed out, you won't do it for long. Way to go!
    • Suzanne
      Thank you so much. I'm so glad I'm not alone on this one. I read your post "Four Legged Fur Babies" It brought up so many good memories of my fur babies.
  6. Jelena
    Oh my god I can not explain how much I agree with this post! I come from a facebook group you use and I know exactly what you mean and I was thinking the same!! I am not a 2 dimensional person. If today I feel like cooking and making a post about it, I will. If I redecorate my room tomorrow and I wanna make a post about it, I will. Niches are a pile of crap if you ask me!
    • Suzanne
      Thank you so much! It's nice to hear someone else thinks the same way about their own blog. I read your "September favs 2016" I LOVE the mint speakers.

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