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Shark Week Sketch And Write – For Kids of All Ages

It is Shark Week!

Shark Week first premiered on July 17, 1988, on Discovery Channel. It has come a long way since than and grown in popularity.

My toddler has been begging me to make her some journal pages with sharks on them. I specifically made her the Preschool Practice Writing Sheets – Set One, to practice writing S, SH and SHARK and to draw her own shark. The first set has a font size of forty. The second set is exactly the same but without the practice letters and words. The Third set, is for preschool – second grade, with a font size of thirty-two. The fourth set is for any age.

I am in my forty’s and my little one and me use these sheets. She loves it when we both take part in an activity together.  For the younger children Sets one-three can be used to practice letters, numbers, sounds, words and sketching. Older children and adults might enjoy using Set Four to tell short stories or as everyday journal pages.


Shark Week My Journal Sketch and Write Worksheets


Journal Sketch And Write Journal Pages - Shark WeekSketch and Write Journal Pages - Shark Week

We hope you enjoy our Shark Week – Journal Sketch Pages. Which shark species is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

Mine is the Whale Shark.

Whale Shark In The Ocean

My toddler likes the Lemon Shark.

Lemon Shark On Ocean Floor


I have some Simple Rules and Terms

By Downloading Any of Our Printables you are in agreement with these terms.

Do Feel Free To…

  • print off as many as you’d like for your own personal use.
  •  scale the size of the pages up or down to fit your needs.
  • share the link to the blog page where these printables are found.
  • comment and let me know what you think.
  • leave a suggestion (or several!) for future printables.
  • contact me if you wish to print out copies as gifts.

Do Not…

  • republish redistribute or sell in any way or form.
  • link directly to the pdf files. Instead, link back to the blog post where the pdf is located.
  • claim my files as your own.
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  • store or distribute my files on any other website or another location where others are able to electronically retrieve them (such as: Dropbox, 4Shared, Mediafire, Facebook groups and forums, etc.).
  • e-mail my files to anyone or transmit them in any other fashion
  • remove my brand name, brand symbol, copyright from files or printouts.
  • print out multiple copies and give them away. Please contact me if you wish to print out for gifts.

***ALL printables are a digital product. No physical item will be shipped.

***Please note that the colors may vary slightly from screen vs print.

***Printing and shipping services are not currently provided.

***If files are printed out as a gift all parties are responsible and held to all copyright policies.

Shark Week Journal Sketch And Write Pages


  1. Scary Shark clipart
  2. Tiger Shark clipart by: chooky Bear Loo at worldartme
  3. Shark Mouth clipart by: chinky bear at worldartsme
  4. Happy Shark
  5. Whale Shark Photo by: skeeze
  6. Lemon Shark Photo by: Albert Kok

Shark Week Journal Sketch And Write Pages

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4 thoughts on “Shark Week Sketch And Write – For Kids of All Ages

  1. Mayra
    These will be great for our reading time during shark week. I had to bookmark your post and pin them on pinterest for all my homeschool mommies to find. Thank you!
    • Suzanne
      That's awesome Mayra! I'm happy to hear you will be finding our sketch and write pages useful. Thank you for sharing them, that means a lot to us.
  2. Tammy Dean
    My son found these and thought your post pic was awesome. The pages are pretty awesome too. They are a great way to practice writing skills and putting their thoughts down.
    • Suzanne
      Awe! Thank you and please thank your son too. We love to hear about parents and kids enjoying these pages.

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