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The Sensational Unsurpassed Free Planner for Video Creators and Bloggers

The Only Planner Created For Video Creators and Bloggers -by Suzanne Bloomin' Lilies


VloggerBlogger Planner For Video Creators and Bloggers

I’m ecstatic to be offering this planner! It’s been quite the project to complete, hours of research went into it, questions asked, surveys given, rewrites and templates to be made.  The finished product has an unprecedented 54+ unique pages!

Note: Covers Not Included in page count

Don’t let that number intimidate you. You only have to print the pages you find useful. The more serious you are about the success of your website/videos the more you’ll gain from the worksheets.

Hey, VloggerBloggers!

The worksheet pages are not the only thing that make this planner unique. It’s the only planner I know of that offers worksheets for both blog posts and videos. I know!

I’ve been searching for one for three years now (at the time of writing this) and I still haven’t found a single one.

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So, no more trying to make a blog planner or personal planner fit the needs of a video creator, and no need to keep two separate planners, unless you like it that way. You can build your planner(s) either way with these awesome pages.

Another great thing about this planner is you don’t have to build it with all the pages. Use what you want and forget the rest. Don’t use Twitter or Pinterest? No need to print those worksheets. If you don’t create videos there is no need to even download those pages. Same goes for you video creators who don’t have a blog. No matter what platforms you use, you’re sure to find at least some of these pages useful.

Planner Covers
Planner Cover Examples

Planner Worksheets


  • Vintage Background Covers – blank and with various titles and year dates (2018-2022). Total 14
  • White Background Covers – blank and with various titles and year dates (2018-2022). Total 14
  • Dividers – The blank covers can also function as divider sheets – 2

**NOTE** When printing covers please make sure you print only the page covers you want and not all of them.

Planner Worksheets

  • Notes
  • Sketch Notes
  • Bullet Goals – Separate sheets for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, long term, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarter
  • Define and Achieve Your Goals
  • Social Notes
  • Daily Social Media Schedule Calendar
  • Weekly Social Media Stats
  • Monthly Social Media Stats
  • Review Plan and Checklist
  • Affiliate Checklist
  • Affiliate Programs Contact List
  • Giveaway Plan and Checklist
  • Hosted Giveaway Plan and Checklist
  • Hosted Loop Giveaway Plan and Checklist
  • Facebook Giveaway Stats
  • Google+ Giveaway Stats
  • Instagram Giveaway Stats
  • Twitter Giveaway Stats
  • Pinterest Giveaway Stats
  • YouTube Giveaway Stats
  • Blank Version Giveaway Stats
  • Twitter Tracker
  • Linkup Party Tracker
  • Pinterest Pin Tracker
  • Password Keeper
  • Email Address Keeper
  • Contacts
  • Index Note Cards – 2 designs of 2 each

Blog Worksheets

  • Blog Objectives
  • Blog Overview
  • Blog Sketch Layout
  • Blog Post Ideas
  • Blog Post Ideas Sketch and Notes – Portrait Style
  • Blog Post Ideas Sketch and Notes – Landscape Style
  • Blog Post Prep
  • Weekly Blog Calendar
  • Blog Post Social Media Checklist
  • Blog Post Plan and Checklist
  • Log of Sponsored Posts
  • Guest Post Submission Log
  • Guest Post Submissions Checklist
  • Bloggers Hosted Guest Log
  • Hosted Guest Posts Checklist
  • Weekly Blog Stats
  • Monthly Blog Stats
  • Blog Post Index
  • Blog Post Tracker
  • Blog Giveaway Stats
  • Blog Finances – 1 page with colored columns and  1 page with plain columns
  • Facebook Group Post Tracker
  • Google+ Group Post Tracker
  • Twitter #Linkups Blog Post Tracker

Video Worksheets

  • Video Objective
  • Video Sketch Layout
  • Video Ideas
  • Video Ideas Sketch and Notes – Portrait Style
  • Video Ideas Sketch and Notes – Landscape Style
  • Video Prep
  • Weekly Video Calendar
  • Video Social Media Checklist
  • Video Plan and Checklist
  • Log of Sponsored Videos
  • Collab Log
  • Weekly Video Stats
  • Monthly Video Stats
  • Video Index
  • Video Tracker
  • Video Giveaway Stats
  • Video Finances – 1 page with colored columns and 1 page with plain columns
  • Facebook Group Video Tracker
  • Google+ Group Video Tracker

How To Get The Planner

This is a free Blog/Video planner exclusively for members of our Facebook group. If you would like a PDF copy of the planner please join the group and request the planner. We will send you the information to download your copy. If you are already a member of the group and haven’t received your planner yet please check your Facebook other messages or feel free to contact us. Just click our message button.

Or! You scan the image below with your smart phone.

1. Open Messenger.
2. Tap the contacts icon.
3. Tap Scan Messenger Code.
4. Hold your camera over the code.

Messenger Code

Join The Facebook Group

If you have found the planner useful please consider pinning it to pinterest for others to find it.

Don’t forget the Calendar!

A good planner needs monthly calendar spreads, so grab your matching 1 or 2 Page Calendar Spreads to complete this planner.

Don’t worry it’s free too. I highly recommend the 2 page spread for bloggers and video creators. The larger daily boxes are easier to write in and visually cleaner to read than the smaller 1 page spreads.


If you love this design there are also matching personal journals, goals planner, reading journal, frameable print, stationary, cards, bookmarks and more. All of these can be found on our site. just type in the search bar “Orange Blossoms and Butterflies” for a list of all items offered in this print design.

If you have any questions about the planner, or how to use the pages please feel free to ask.

⇓ ⇓ I was made for pinning ⇓ ⇓

Business Blogger and Video Creator Planner


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4 thoughts on “The Sensational Unsurpassed Free Planner for Video Creators and Bloggers

  1. Andrea Collier
    Love the vintage cover, but I also really love how thorough you were in creating this. I don't have a Vlog, but this is making me consider starting one!
    • Suzanne
      The vintage is my favorite too! I highly recommend vlogging. I love it and it's a great way to add value to your website.

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