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Evergreen Reusable Printable Calendars – 1 And 2 Page Monthly Spreads

The Awesome “Orange Blossoms and Butterflies,” Printable Calendars Are Here!

Orange Blossoms and Butterflies 1 and 2 Page Free Calendar Spreads

***Updated Printable Calendars To Be Reusable ***

The “Orange Blossoms and Butterflies,” design has had an awesome response from our readers and many of you have expressed a desire to have an updated free calendar to go along with the planners and journals created with this same design.  So, I pulled the files and updated the calendar to be reusable through the years. I also made some improvements, such as, cleaning up some lines and color bleeding. I changed some of the colors on the 1 page spread for a better over-all look. The background, on the 1 page and 2 page spreads, should still be transparent in order for you to print them on colored paper, if you choose to do so (Please note I have not tested this). I was able to delete the year and the numbered days. Therefore, these will need to be added in by the user. I chose to do it this way in order to bring you fresh updated designs instead of going back and working on older ones every year.

Disclaimer: Photos displaying calendars have been darkened in order to display smaller details.

You can find the new download links below. We thank you for your continued support it means a lot to us.

Now back to our post…

I have to confess. —  I have a love hate relationship with this calendar. First, let me tell you why I love it.

I Love It!

We are offering it to all our readers for FREE! I love free. Do you love free? The calendar also matches our planner design for the year “Orange Blossoms And Butterflies.” This way you can use it with any of our current planners. This excites me. Yes it does, because I love, love, love to have my own planners match up with each other. This way I can mix and match pages and build my planners exactly the way I want them, and they do not look like I pieced them together with a bunch of different planners.

Monthly Two Page Spread

The Calendar Planner is a two Page spread. This grants you some extra room to write that a single page spread simply does not provide. I don’t have tiny hand writing or the patience to conform to tiny writing. Unlike many weekly calendar spreads the whole month is set before you; this way the annoying back and forth page turning is avoided. I also added a few extras that I wanted and found missing on most calendar spreads.

Special Extras 🙂

I find these little extras go a long way.

  1. A To Do List – If you look closely there is a space to the left to mark items as done.
  2. Goals for the Month
  3. Notes Section

Extra Special Extra 😀

These are created with a special background transparency. This means you can print the calendar on colored paper or stationary sheets.  Now you can really put your personal touch on the print outs. You can view *examples* in the photos below. If you CLICK the photos a separate page will open for a larger clearer view of the pages. I apologize that the pictures I have of these calendars do not do them justice.

Free Printable Calendar Spreads - Orange Blossoms and Butterflies Reusable  2 Page Free Calendars
Example Only
Orange Blossoms and Butterflies Colored Example Pages Free Calendar
Example Only




Furthermore, it’s just so pretty!

I have really enjoyed working with the “Orange Blossoms And Butterflies” design. Much more than I thought I would. I will be a little saddened to file it away when I am finished with it.

I Hate It!

Okay so, this is why I hate it. It took so darn long to make!!! At first, I was lacking the proper software to add the extras and have a final project that was not blurry in some places. It was also difficult to provide a calendar that allowed me to make the whole spread transparent. My extras were saving with blocks of white surrounding them, but that was all fixed.

I was hoping to find a formula to create a perpetual two page monthly calendar spread without needing to take a semester of coding. – Yeah that one never worked out. I can not recall now how many templates and files have been abandoned over the last year and a half. Yes, I said YEAR AND A HALF! I never expected to run into so many difficulties in just making a template frame. In the end, I sorta came up with a template frame that I can live with, but with each new month I had to redo the name of the month, every number had to be painstakingly redone and set for each and every page (actually some months did start with the same days), and the butterfly had to be adjusted. But, two page monthly spreads are my favorite, so I pressed on.

When all is said and done it has been a painful labor of love. I hope some of you will love it too.


If anyone out there knows of a formula to make a perpetual two page monthly spread calendar, please let me know. I would be so grateful 😀

What? You don’t like monthly 2 page spreads!

That’s okay. A monthly one page spread was created. I also snuck in a To-Do List and Notes section and I managed to create a transparent background for you to print on the colored paper of your choice.

There’s a catch though. It’s a blank page. So, you will have to fill in the year, month and days. Sorry but I didn’t want my readers to have to wait another year for a stinkin’ matching one page calendar spread. 😉

Orange Blossoms and Butterflies 1 Page Free Calendar Spread

Please spread the word so others can enjoy it too. Tweet it. Share it. Pin it. We appreciate all your support!

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Do You Love The “Orange Blossoms and Butterflies” Design?

Here are some other printables created with the OBB design.

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  2. Free Frameable Print
  3. The Complete List of Household Cleaning Supplies

Let us know in the comments which calendar spread you like the best. If you use our calendars tag us with your pics on Instagram. Use the hash tags:

  • #OBBCalendars

Or upload it to our Facebook Page.

I have some Simple Rules and Terms.

By downloading the free calendars you are in agreement with these terms.

Please read them before downloading. – Full Disclosure and Privacy Policy


Updated Links For The Reusable Calendars: 

  1. Reusable 2 Page Spread
  2. Reusable 1 Page Spread

I was made for pinning!

Orange Blossoms and Butterflies Reusable 1 and 2 Page Printable Calendar Spreads

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59 thoughts on “Evergreen Reusable Printable Calendars – 1 And 2 Page Monthly Spreads

  1. Fay
    Yes, score! It's so hard to find a practical 2 page calendar that is actually useful with blocks big enough to write in. I can't thank you enough!
    • Suzanne
      LOL... You're welcome Fay. The 2 page is my favorite spread and I created these because I couldn't find one I liked. So happy to hear others are finding it as useful.
  2. Lula Matheny
    Beautiful design. I love the butterflies and flowers I also love that it matches your journals. Thank you.
  3. Lori
    I love your printables. They are so pretty and functional. Thank you for sharing them.
    • Suzanne
      You're welcome. Thank you for stopping by and letting us know you are enjoying them.
  4. Tammy
    I want to cry I am so happy right now! Im going to have the perfect planner journal and all the pages match. I don't think I have ever seen anyone else make all the pages you have and in the same design and make them free. Tears of joy over here.
    • Suzanne
      Tammy, thank you so much for letting us know how much you enjoy our printables. That means so much to us. I was actually told that offering so much in one design would be boring to my visitors, but I just knew that there were people out there that like me wanted my planners to match. I am so glad you found us and hope to get to know you better.
  5. Edna
    I love your calendar! I have been searching for a pretty 2 page spread forever. Thank you so much for sharing your hard work with us all. I subscribed and look forward to seeing more of your work.
    • Suzanne
      I am so glad to hear this. I do hope you find it useful all year and thank you for subscribing, it's always great to hear we have a new follower.
  6. Diana Dex
    I am in love with your Orange Blossoms printables. I downloaded both of your calendars. The 2page is perfect for keeping track of all our family activities. The one page is great for hanging on the frig to let everyone know what's for dinner. Thank you for all the hard work you put into your printables and letting us all have them for free.
    • Suzanne
      Diana, you are so very welcome. I am so happy to hear you are loving print. I fell in love with it too, and thank you for taking the time to let me know how you are finding the calendars useful.
  7. Amy
    I downloaded your 2 page calendar last month and I love it. There is plenty of space to write in the boxed days and I have found the extras useful. I really hope you make more of these. Thank you!
    • Suzanne
      Amy, thank you for coming back and letting me know you are enjoying the calendar. Its always nice to hear from those who are using and enjoying it.
  8. Sarah
    Such a cute calendar. I think it will be perfect to keep track of all our family activities.
  9. Dorothy
    I am infatuated with planners and calendars and am soooo happy I came across your free printables. Love that the calendar and planners match up with each other and I can pick and choose just the right pages. I'm really excited to use them all.
  10. Earlene
    I'm super excited I found your calendar. It really is hard to find a 2 page spread that is also pretty. I look forward to using it this year.
    • Suzanne
      I'm happy you found something you want to use all year. I do hope you find it useful all year long.
  11. Niki
    I must say I love your calendar. I hope it gets easier for you to make them. Thanks for sharing them.
    • Suzanne
      Thank you and you're welcome. I hope it gets easier too. I would love to make a bunch of different designs.
  12. Meagan Govett
    What a lovely calendar. You can tell you spent time on it and it has wonderful features that I didn't even realize I would want in a calendar. Thank you.
    • Suzanne
      Thank you for your beautiful comments. I hope you enjoy the calendar and all it's features all year long. :)
  13. Kathryn
    I am loving your printables. It really is hard to find a 2 page calendar online and yours is perfect for me, thank you.
  14. kristin
    Hello, I love this calendar and that it matches your journal planners. They are so elegant and pretty.
  15. Stephania
    I have been searching for a two page calendar forever. I hope your experience in putting them together gets easier because I would love to see more.
  16. Rebecca
    Hello my name is Rebecca and I just wanted to say thank you for this calender. It's just what I have been looking for.
  17. Joan
    Suzanne, your printables are awesome. I'm bookmarking your website and I subscribed. So many things I want to print!
  18. Loraine
    I need a new planner and I love yours. It's so hard to find 2 page spreads.
  19. Teresa
    I love this calendar and I love that I can match it with the journal and other printables you've made. I subscribed and have my fingers crossed that I will win one of your meal planners. Thank you for being so generous!
  20. Amy
    I am immediately snatching your rss feed and subscribing so that I don't miss another post. I love your printables!
  21. Yulissa
    These are cute! To make them they do requiere time and effort. Saving these for later
  22. Terryn Winfield
    I understand! I make my own printables too and they do require a lot of time and effort. But your efforts paid off, they are beautiful! What a sweet thing to offer to your readers!
    • Suzanne
      Thank you Terryn. You have a lovely blog, and your "Housekeeping Checklist" is a sweet printable to keep on hand.
    • Suzanne
      You are welcome. I'm glad you like them. Just in case I did make enough for the rest of this year, too.
  23. Stephanie Cox
    I always use printable calendars to fill in our schedules and add to the fridge so everyone can see our plans for the week at a quick glance.
    • Suzanne
      Yes. My Blank Calendar is a great choice for this. It can be laminated and used over and over again.

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