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Vintage Recipe Note Cards

Vintage Recipe Note Cards

Free Recipe Note Cards

I am so excited to share my very first printables Vintage Recipe Note Cards and to offer them to you for free!

The inspiration to create these came after making some banners for my YouTube channel, and Facebook Group where I featured a few of my recipes on some recipe cards. I decided to incorporate the same family theme from my banners and intro video into my first matching Meal Planning/Kitchen Organizer Planner Kit. So keep an eye out for future printables, in upcoming posts, that will match these recipe note cards. I am hoping this set will be the first of many to come.

The actual size of the recipe cards are 4 x 6, but can be scaled up or down (3×5 or 5×8) without any problems. I do recommend you print on stock paper or index cards. This will help your cards last much longer than just plain thin typing paper.
When I first started to make these I wanted them to have a vintage faded look but realized I really liked the vibrate colors on the vintage looking card. I ended up making both because I knew the vibrate colors could end up being quite an ink hog for some. Plus, it’s easier to see writing/typed words through a faded image than it is through a full vibrate colored one. Either way I am leaving it up to you to choose which set most suits your needs or want.

Download the matching Weekly Meal Planners 

and the matching Kitchen Inventory Sheet

>>Download The Recipe Note Cards Here<<

*** The recipe note cards are unavailable at this time. They are on our to-do list to update and improve the quality.***

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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are unavailable at this time. They are on our to-do list to update and improve the quality.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Signup to receive a notification for when the Vintage Meal Planners have been updated.

The recipe note cards are available through dropbox. You do not need an account to access the recipe cards. Just click off the login popup window and you should see the two folders. All the cards are numbered to reduce confusion and the faded cards have an added M in their file name. Enjoy 🙂

UPDATE: The recipe note cards are no longer available through dropbox but all the links in the post have been updated. Please let me know if you are experiencing any problems with downloads.

I have some Simple Rules and Terms

By downloading The Recipe Cards you are in agreement with these terms.

DO Feel Free To…
  • print off as many as you’d like for your own personal use.
  • scale the size of these cards up or down to fit your recipes on (for example to a 3×5 or 8×10 to fit on index cards).
  • share the link to this blog page where these printables can be found.
  • comment and let me know what you think.
  • leave a suggestion (or several!) for future printables.
 Do Not…
  • republish redistribute or sell in any way or form.
  • link directly to the pdf files. Instead, link back to this blog post where the pdf is located.
  • claim my files as your own.
  • alter my electronic files.
  • sell or in any way profit from my electronic files.
  • print my files and then sell the printed copies to others.
  • store or distribute my files on any other website or another location where others are able to electronically retrieve them (for example: Dropbox, 4Shared, Mediafire, Facebook groups and forums, etc.).
  • e-mail my files to anyone or transmit them in any other fashion.

>>Download The Recipe Note Cards Here<<

A video with ideas on how to use the recipe note cards.

Image Credits:

  1. Snow Leopard by: Laki10
  2.  Tae Kwon Do Silhouette clip art
  3. Wolf Three
  4.  Dance silhouette
  5.  Timber Wolf Photo by: Khalliy   precut by: by WolfLover10122
  6. Clouds 
  7.  Blue Morpho Butterfly Wings by Enchantedgal-Stock
  8. Card Stock – I crop it and added some new age spots, lightened it in some places darkened it in others. 

I tried to give credit to all artists when known. If you don’t see a credit for an image it is my own, apart of a software bundle or paid for by me. No copyright infringements intended. If you see an error please contact me. Thank you.

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