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21 Affirmations For Your Blogging Journey To Greatness – with free frameable prints

21 Affirmations for Your Blogging Journey To Greatness

Positive Affirmations For Bloggers

Are you struggling with your blog? When you think about your blog, are you saying and thinking self-defeating, negative things or are your words and thoughts, uplifting and positive? I have become a believer that you are and have what you think, positive self-talk can be a valuable tool to avert self-doubt and fear of failure. Repeating affirmations to yourself is a great way of staying positive. This will also make you a happier blogger.

What is an affirmation?

An affirmation is a short positive phrase, written in the first person, phrased in the present tense, that states a goal or a truth as if the statement is already true. To really drive home the positive affirmations use creative visualization. It is my belief that this step is a vital one to the success of having what you want becoming a reality. If you think the reality you are visualizing seems to big to achieve than you will likely fall short of what it is you are working towards. You can not trick the brain to believe a lie.

This brings me to another vital step.

If your mind can not grasp an outcome you want to achieve or believe, than visualize the steps you need to take in order to get their. For example, say you want to have 100,000 new subscribers to your newsletter in the next month, but you can not see past gaining 50.

You first need to overcome the belief that you can not get past 50. Affirm to yourself you are worthy of gaining 75. Visualize gaining 75. Visualize what it is you are going to do to get there.

If you feel lost on the steps to take that is an indication you are still holding onto a form of disbelief. Affirm to yourself that the ideas will come. An amazing thing will happen. The universe will bring you the ideas and steps to take to achieve that goal or belief. Acting on those ideas will bring more ideas and you will be another step closer to success. There are instances where our negative thinking and negative beliefs run so deep into our psyche that it takes some digging to discover them so that you can begin the process of rewiring your mindset.

This is not to say that there will not be setbacks, however, instead of seeing a setback as a failure see it as a step towards your success. There is most likely something within a setback that needs to be addressed or perhaps there was something about it that you can learn from and grow stronger from. OR!!! It is quite possible the setback is to show you to see beyond what it is you THINK you want. There just might be something better waiting for you to believe in and achieve that your mindset was not ready for before.

Rewire Your Mindset

The theory is that repeating a phrase to yourself out loud, and visualizing it as clearly as possible, you can create a new belief in your mind. By repeating an affirmation AND visualizing it you can literally rewire your mindset – the way you think and believe. Creating a positive mindset will not only help you achieve your goals as a blogger, it is also a powerful strategy to bring happiness to all the areas of your life!

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How Long Will It Take To See Results?

It depends on where your mindset is when you start and the exact time-frame depends on a variety of factors, be that as it may it is not nearly as important as the overall outcome. Changes usually can take a long time to form – but not always – it will probably take you anywhere from one to eight months to rewire your mindset.

Before you feel disappointed upon hearing this information try to embrace the process. Embracing a longer timeline can help you visualize exactly what it is you want/need and it also helps to realize that changing your mindset is a process not an event. Along the way you may discover that what you believed you wanted/needed is beneath what you can actually have. So, give yourself permission to make mistakes, and develop strategies to get back on track as quickly as possible. Embrace your journey to greatness!

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21 Affirmations For Your Blogging Journey To Greatness

  1. “I am amazingly productive, profitable and prosperous.”
  2. “I am organized, motivated, productive and successful with my website”
  3. “I am worthy of having a successful website/blog.”
  4. “I am attracting quality, paying clients to do business with me.”
  5. “I am attracting followers and subscribers that will benefit from reading my website and emails.”
  6. “I am grateful for all the people who read and follow my website,”
  7. “I am creative, successful, and prosperous with sales and with each marketing message I send out.”
  8. “I am always tapped into boundless creativity and ideas.”
  9. “I am in control of my blog, Bloomin’ Lilies and manage it with creative wisdom.”
  10. “I am growing, expanding, and successful with my website
  11. “I am attracting interesting and unique ideas for blog posts.”
  12. “I am vibrant and have lots of energy to complete my blog tasks and goals”
  13. “I am healthy, kind, loving, generous, flourishing, and attract like minded individuals.”
  14. “I am a creative, passionate writer that connects with my audience with positive energies.”
  15. “I am a prosperity powerhouse magnet.”
  16. “I am powerfully positive in everything I think, do and say.”
  17. “I am one with the vibration of prosperity.”
  18. “I am a magnet for multiple sources of passive income.”
  19. “I am open and receptive to creative ideas and constantly attract opportunities to expand my website and avenues of income.”
  20. “I am thankful for all of the new opportunities sent my way.”
  21. “I am in love with my blog, Bloomin’ Lilies.”

Bonus Affirmation

22. “I am Bloomin’.”

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21 Affirmations For Your Blogging Journey To Greatness - with free frameable prints

21 Affirmations For Your Blogging Journey To Greatness - with free frameable prints

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16 thoughts on “21 Affirmations For Your Blogging Journey To Greatness – with free frameable prints

  1. chaoswithsugar
    I am book marking this for reference material as I grow my website. Thank you for all of the information =)
    • Suzanne
      You're welcome. I'm so pleased you like it. It's high praise to have someone find your work useful. Thank you!
  2. Mimi Baker
    Its great post!. 22 is also my favorite. I loved all your suggestions and found them very helpful. Thank you for sharing.
  3. Minakshi Bajpai
    Great post and so much helpful for bloggers. 22 is really my favoruite too. Thanks for brilliant suggestions. Fantastic and superb post
  4. Heart Home and Hope
    #22 is my favorite! Blogger burnout is REAL! I struggled with it a few months ago. I decided to not give up but to slow down a bit. Stepping back really helped me to get over that hump.
    • Suzanne
      I'm a bit partial to #22, too. :) I'm so glad to hear you didn't give up blogging. Taking a step back can bring about much better things.

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