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A Moving Binder Planner is the Secret to Making Your Move Easier – We’re On The Move Series

A Moving Binder Planner is the Secret to Making Your Move Easier
Moving Binder Planner

We Are On The Move

The first post in my series “We’re On The Move” is all about setting up a Moving Binder/Folder, a Moving Binder Planner if you will permit. Being organized and setting up a plan has helped us tremendously. Whether your move is a fairly small one or quite large (I’ve done both many, many times) you will find that being prepared has its benefits. One being, you won’t be pulling your hair out when you know exactly where to locate important paperwork and details about your move.

Make your Moving Planner Binder as simple or elaborate as you like. I recommend a 3-ring binder. A plain folder with pockets or a file folder will do in a pinch, but loose papers may not always stay put in these options. I have made a list of items I highly recommend and a separate list of items that can really help with organizing, planning, and how to execute a move with as little stress as possible. I have also added some ideas on how to use your binder after you have moved into your new home and unpacked.

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Moving Binder Planner Checklist

Highly Recommended Moving Binder Items1 green paperclip

  • One 3-Ring Binder
  • At least one Pocket Folder – for a 3-ring binder
  • Clasp Envelope or Money Envelope – that you can punch holes in
  • Pens/Pencils
  • Zippered Pouch – for a 3-ring binder
  • Notebook Paper

Optional Moving Binder/Planner Items

  • Moving Supply Checklist
  • Coupons – Truck rentals, cleaning and packing supplies, storage units
  • Contact List
  • Highlighters/Permanent Markers
  • Page Protectors – For those sensitive documents that you should not hole punch
  • Card Protector(s)
  • Binder Clips
  • Paper Clips
  • A Schedule Sheet or Countdown Moving Checklist – 1 and 2 page calendars here
  • To-Do Checklists – for before and after your move
  • Calendar Pages – for the month(s) you are planning and executing your move
  • Moving Estimates
  • Budget/Expenses/Receipt Sheet
  • Color Coded Moving Legend
  • Colored Card Stock
  • Colored Stickers/Tape
  • Dividers – Divider Tabsmoving binder planner notebook paper
  • Small Calculator
  • Hole Puncher
  • Box Labels
  • Inventory Summary Sheet
  • Furniture Measurements
  • Graph Paper – for sketching out rooms and where to place furniture
  • Box Inventory Sheet
  • Boxes In Storage Sheet
  • Donation/Sell/Toss Sheet
  • Travel Sheet
  • Change of Address Notification Checklist
  • We’ve Moved Announcements
  • Follow Up Sheet
  • Questions For The Movers
  • Packing and Unpacking Tips and Hacks Sheet
  • Dividers/Tabs
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Future Binder Options

Keep your Moving Planner Binder as a reference for future moves or re-purpose it for other household needs.
Section Suggestions (try to say that 10x’s)

  • Home/Appliance/Furniture Warranty informationAfter the move Turn Your Moving Binder Into a Household Binder
  • Home Insurance Information
  • The Make/Model/Serial Number of any electronic and or valuable items
  • Design Ideas
  • Storage List – items/boxes and a sketch of where to locate everything
  • Home Repair Records
  • Auto Warranties, Routine Maintenance and Repairs
  • Contact List

– Plumber
– Electrician
– Lawn Care/Nursery
– Pest Control
– Appliance Repair Services
– Roof, Siding and Gutter Contractor
– Carpet/Floor Cleaners
– House Cleaning Service
– Home Repair/Remodeling Service
– Heating and Air Repair/Service
…among other things.
If you have any questions about the items on my list or how I use them, please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer you. Did I forget anything? What are some of your moving planner secrets to a stress free move?

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A Moving Binder Planner is the Secret to Making Your Move EasierA Moving Binder Planner is the Secret to Making Your Move Easier

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