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Lily Love Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Calendar Pages

Lily Love Planner Pages - Monthly. Weekly, Daily, Timed Calendars in letter and A5 sizes

Lily Love Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Calendar Pages

In our last newsletter I asked our followers what kind of planners they were looking for, what design elements they wanted or didn’t want, and what pages they needed and wanted. There was an overwhelming response for monthly, weekly, and daily calendar pages in a flower design. This was unexpected for me.

The internet is swarming with monthly, weekly, and daily calendars and planners; so, I didn’t really think anyone would want to see more of them.  Super glad I didn’t discount them all together when I created the survey. I do usually add some form of these in our build your own planners and journals, but they probably get overlooked since most people don’t expect to see them in journal type bundles.

I thought for sure the next planner I’d be creating would be something a little harder to find, like a fitness or home management planner, but that’s why I created the survey. I want to know what YOU want and need. Therefore, there’s going to be several calendar based bundles released over the next few months. More information about these bundles is given further down this post.

Lily Love

I asked my youngest daughter to pick out the first design to release and she fell in love with this pink flowery design.  I often tell her that I need some Lily Love or if she sees that I am going through a difficult moment she will pull me aside and offer me some Lily Love. They are the best feel good moments and I always feel better afterwards. She wanted to pass on some of her Lily Love to our readers.


This is from Lily to all of you with love.

Lily Love Calendar Page Layouts

  1. Covers/Dividers – 4 designs
  2. 12 Months, 2 Page Spread – 13 Page designs
  3. Landscape Monthly 1 Page Spread with Goals – 1 design
  4.  Portrait Monthly, 1 Page Spread with Goals – 1 design
  5. 2 Page Weekly, Blank, Solid Colored Boxed Spread – 2 designs
  6. 2 Page Weekly, Lined, Solid Colored Boxed Spread – 2 designs
  7. Week of: 2 Page Spread, Lined Tables – 1 design
  8. Weekly 1 Page, Journal Style Spread – 1 design
  9. Week of: 1 Page Blank Tabled Spread – 1 design
  10. Weekly 1 Page with Empty Side Blocks – 2 designs
  11. Daily Schedule, 1 Page, Timed, To-Do, Contacts, Fitness, Mood, and Meal Planner – 1 design
  12. Daily Schedule, 1 Page, Timed, To-Do, Gratitude, and Goals – 1 design
  13. Daily Schedule 2 Page Table Spread, blank (for times, habit tracker, or checklists) with extra blank side boxes – 2 designs for 2nd page
  14. Goals, Habit Tracker, To-Do List (created to pair up with any of the 1 Page spreads)  – 1 design
  15. Bookmarks or Page Separators – 4 Designs


Future Calendar Bundles

I have 11 more design plans and 7 separate color designs for these monthly, weekly, and daily calendar pages. There are some pages that will be ink heavy and other pages that will be light on the ink. There will be 6 with a flower design, a few geometric designs, a rainbow chevron, a mermaid theme and more.

There are *40 templates so there are plenty of layouts to choose from in each design. If you have used any of our previous calendars you will be familiar with some of the layouts; however, more than half of the layouts are brand new and haven’t been in any of our previous printable bundles.

Plans are also in the making for a travel planner/journal, fitness health planner/tracker, more journals (personal, goals, gratitude, and habits), stationary, holiday meal event planners, baby shower invitations and more.


Now in Letter Size 8.5 x 11 and A5

Many of you have requested A5 sized calendar and planner pages. So, I decided to create templates in both sizes. I can’t promise all our future printables will be in both sizes; but, I am making an effort to offer both of these sizes in most of the calendar bundles for these monthly, weekly, and daily calendar pages. Please take note that some of the future patterns may not transfer well to the smaller A5.


Get Your Votes In Early

If you would like to vote on the next design, or have any suggestions on future planners or page layouts please feel free to leave us a comment below or join us in our brand new Facebook group, Printables – Lifestyle, Business, and For Fun.

  1. Geo Delight
  2. Romantic Spring
  3. Mini Squares
  4. Mermaid Tale
  5. Rainbow Dreams
  6. Summer Trip
  7. Spring Night
  8. Flower’s For Mom
  9. Sun Kissed
  10. Spring Song
  11. Rainbow Chevron
  12. Lily Love

*Names 1-11 are not set in stone at the time of this post. 🙂

Planned Designs for Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Calendar Page Bundles

Let us know in the comments below which printables are your favorites.

Let us know in the comments what kind of printables you like the best. If you use our planners tag us with your pics on Instagram. Use the hash tags:

  • #monthlyweeklydailyplannerpages
  • #planners/

Or upload it to our Facebook Page.

I have some Simple Rules and Terms.

By downloading the Calendar Bundle Printables you are in agreement with these terms.

Please read them before downloading. – Full Disclosure and Privacy Policy


Download Your Lily Love Calendars

   Lily Love Free Calendar Bundle  

*All files are zipped for faster downloads and in PDF file format.

Super Fans

I want to thank all our fans and followers for responding to our survey it was very insightful and many of you added some extra notes and love in the comment boxes. Thank you so much, none of this could be possible without your kindness and support.-


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* Some of the 40 planned template layouts my not work well will all the designs listed here.

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