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Lily And The Dandelion

lily & dandelion

These two photos are what sparked my renewed interest in photography. We were out walking that morning after a heavy night of rain. Lilyannah, is wearing her yellow ‘muddy puddle boots’  because she loves to play in water puddles. This beautiful bright yellow dandelion grabbed our attention. I actually shot the second photo first than stepped back to get my girl and the dandelion together. Truly a beautiful shot and a memory to last a lifetime.



Why Our Photos Are Watermarked

Branding is vitally important. Our watermarks are an extension of our brand and were developed with a very specific purpose in mind. We want every image processed and shared to have our watermarks on them. We don’t know about you, but when we see an interesting image online, we immediately start to look for who took it, and, typically, want to check out more of their work. Our images are ours and by law are not to be used without our permission, but it still happens. By placing a watermark on images that we upload, we are trying to ensure that I receive some credit for my work. When that image is posted elsewhere on the Internet we will at least have our watermarks with our website on them the bulk of the time. The alternative would be to never share our work online. We choose to share. Regardless, of what your opinions are on watermarking our photos will have them. We typically have 4-6 watermarks per image. Images that are for sale will not contain the watermarks on delivery, but the signature at the bottom will remain. If we find our pictures being used without permission we will take action against you.


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