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I’m Not Sorry

I'm Not Sorry

Nope Not One Bit

The other day it dawned on my three-year-old who a certain person is and she walked right up to her and called her moo cow. I must admit in that moment a shock wave went right through me and left me speechless.

But! I’m not sorry!

I can honestly say it never crossed my mind to explain it, apologize for it, or make my daughter apologize for it. Not only that, but I have made it a point not to speak to moo cow unless I absolutely have to.

Of course, she accuses me of coaching my daughter. The reality is that I, several family members and acquaintances have referred to this person as a cow for over a decade now. A name she has earned for all the unnecessary trouble, pain, abuse and mayhem  she has caused my family and continues to do so. She has gotten away with some truly appalling abusive and even illegal actions. I really wish police and other judicial persons would take children’s testimonies more seriously.

Because of the family dynamics, it looks like we all will have to tolerate her stupidity, obnoxious behavior, loud mouth, psychotic outbreaks, drug induced stupors, and numerous lies until life decides it has had enough of her.


Later that same day, moo cow decided to try to stir up some more trouble by purposely getting my baby to call her a moo cow again. She is so evil and selfish that she tried to get a three-year-old in trouble just so she could coach my baby girl on her birth name. She is so stupid, she actually thinks she can influence my small child that she sees maybe three times a year. I don’t just mean trying to get my girl to repeat her name.

You Can’t Fool Us

The whole week moo cow, put on a comedic performance. She overdid her fake, unconvincing performance of “I am the sweetest, nicest person you will ever meet.” She pulled out her best tricks to sway my daughter’s viewpoint. She thought this would make me angry to see her interact with my daughter. It actually didn’t. I found it more comical.

Yes, I noticed the sly satisfied looks she sent my way when I was in the room. Yes, I noticed how she mooed louder when I was not in the same room. Several times I had to walk away, not because I was upset, but to stifle my laughter at her performance. It just became too difficult to not break out in laughter and call her a stupid cow.

I also know something cow overlooked. There is a whole family that now knows of the evil she is capable of. Cow will not get the chance to hurt my baby girl like she was able to with my older children when they were smaller. I am no longer a lone adult with small children crying out to the justice system that refused to get involved. My baby has a mommy, AND adult siblings that will make sure the cow is put behind bars if she tries to pull even the smallest of evils she did to my older children. It’s not just that. My young daughter has shown herself to be an intelligent being. I am confident she will soon see right through moo cow’s masks of sweetness and gifts to the dark, oily, psycho, fucked up moo cow she really is.

I’m Impressed

I have to say I am seriously impressed that my three-year-old was able to put two and two together and figure out who she is. Especially, since the only time this moo cow has been brought up lately is to warn others that she is coming for a visit or when one of the family members has had to endure her in some way or another , which thankfully, hasn’t happened too much this year.

Then again, maybe my girl is a pure genius and called it like she saw it and was letting the moo cow know that no rawhide will be pulled over her eyes.

Really I’m Jealous

I full on envy my daughter that she was able to say to moo cow’s face what so many of us would like to say to her and my girl did it with a huge grin on her face to boot.

Not that I have never called moo cow, a cow, to her face, because I have… But to do it now would cause discomfort to our host who I respect and care about.

No, I’m not sorry and for now, I will hold my tongue on calling moo cow, a cow, to her face, but you never know what’s going to pop out of a sweet toddler’s mouth.

That Awkward Moment Your Toddler Calls The Most Hated Person In The Room A Moo Cow and Everyone In The Room Mentally Holds Up Their Glass. Click To Tweet

That Awkward Moment


Please, note that it is not normal behavior for my family and me to go around calling people derogatory names in place of their given names. Nor is it normal behavior for us to condone it.

I have talked with my daughter and told her, in the simplest way I could, why she has heard her family calling moo cow, a moo cow. I also, explained how name calling is hurtful …  et cetera … et cetera …

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22 thoughts on “I’m Not Sorry

  1. Margareta
    Oh, my goodness. I can't imagine having to put up with someone like that. I hope I never have to.
  2. Chrissie
    It's really sad when the justice system doesn't work for children. Their rights and voices need to be heard. One day moo cow will get what she deserves for harming your family.
    • Suzanne
      Thank you Chrissie, I too hope that the justice system will one day pay more attention to the voices of the children.
  3. Sharon
    You didn't go into specifics but this woman sounds like she needs to be in jail.
    • Suzanne
      Yes, if the things she did to my kids were done to an adult she would have been in jail a long time ago. It's very sad that our children's rights are overlooked in more cases than not.
  4. Sara Evans
    Every act has consequences. Hers are just still coming around. Love the disclaimer.
  5. Heather
    Now that Moo Cow is stalking you I have a message for Moo Cow and other stalkers without a life. Get a life and get over yourself. Suzanne this is a very brave thing to post about. I believe in the adage that you leave people better than when you found them. Your daughter did Moo Cow a favor and as much as that Bitchy Bovine wanted to steer things her way she could not but it did impact the Horrible Heffer - she got upset and demanded you take it down. Moo Cow needs to not get her britches in a bunch and turn into the bull in the China Shop - this is an opportunity for her to reflect on her life and determine how she wanta the rest of her life to be. Suzanne since you have to deal with this person I pray for you and your family and applaud you - maybe Moo Cow will settled down to chewing her cud in silence next time.
    • Suzanne
      Heather, thank you for your kind words. It’s nice to know someone actually gets it. This post wasn’t written carelessly. It sat in my draft folder for some time and I thought about deleting it many times. I was worried it would cause some backlash and my blog as a whole to be seen in a negative way. I have been pleasantly surprised that the opposite has happened. Thank you for your support.
    • Suzanne
      I honestly wish there was no reason to call her anything, but the name fits her. She is very self-centered and doesn't think beyond her own desires.
  6. Quirky Chrissy
    Sometimes kids say exactly what we're thinking. I can't imagine the things my (future) kids will pick up from me...probably a lot of curse words.
  7. Via Bella
    I think it is sad when these moments happen. Sometimes they have to happen-- and nothing candid like coming from a kid. Why can't everyone just be real with each other?
    • Suzanne
      The moment itself wasn't sad. The cow's behavior over the years is sad. This post may be filled with dark humor but it's my way of keeping it real :-)

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