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1. How To Plan Your Move – With FREE Tips, Hacks, & Printouts

We’re On The Move – A Moving Help Series

How to plan your next move with hacks tips printouts
Plan Your Next Move with Free Hacks, Tips & Printouts

We are moving!

I am super excited about this move, be that as it may, moving is a messy job and disrupts the flow of a family’s household dynamics. Even more so if it needs to be a rushed job. I have one month to declutter, pack, clean, and move everything to our new place. At first, this may seem to be a daunting task to complete, but with the proper tools and a plan, everything will move just as smoothly as if there were six months to plan and execute a move. To be honest, I would rather have one month notice over six anytime. I am a little impatient when it comes to such things and like them to come and go as quickly as possible. Thus, having such a brief time to plan and execute gets my keister in gear to hustle it.

I decided to create a series of posts about our moving experience with the tools, tips, hacks, and other information that I find to be helpful. I will be completely honest with you, our moving experience will predominantly be a do-it-yourself job; we live in a tiny two bedroom apartment and are moving to a house that has just under 2000 square feet. However, whether your move is simple or complex, I believe you can benefit from my series. Hopefully, you will still have your sanity when it is all over. Well, at least with what you started with.

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How To Plan Your Move Free Tips Hacks & Printouts

Help Is On The Way

  1. Set Up A Moving Binder
  2. Shopping Supply Checklist
  3. Timeline Schedules
  4. Remove The Clutter
  5. Packing Hacks and Tips
  6. Useful Moving Apps
  7. 11 Things You Should Do Before You Move

*Bonus* I’m All Moved In What Do I Do Now?

11 Things To Do When You Move Into A New Home

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how to plan your move with free hacks tips and printouts
Plan your move with free hacks tips and printouts




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