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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Bloomin’ Lilies?

I go into great detail about our blog name and how it came about here: Bloomin’ Lilies And The Evolution Of How We Got Our Name

What Does Nuttah Awenasa Mean?

Nuttah, is an Algonquin name meaning “My Heart.” [ syll. nut-tah, nu-tt-ah ]
Awenasa, is a Cherokee name meaning “My Home” [ syll. a-we-na-sa, aw-en-asa ]

Translating the two names into English and we have our website logo tag, “My Heart My Home …To Yours”

You will also see us use:

“Where The Lilies Bloom,”  this came about on our YouTube Channel, which mainly focuses on two people, mother and daughter and both of our names mean Lily.

“Simplify Your Life For Success,” I mainly use this tag with our Printables.

“Delicious Ideas,”  This is just a fancy way of saying Recipes. Google didn’t like my fancy name so I reverted back to just ‘recipes,’ but I will still say, “Welcome to Delicious Ideas” in my later recipe videos.

“My Life Is Based On A True Story” or “Our Lives Are Based On A True Story.”  I (the writer) have been using these two phrases for over 25 years. It naturally has a place on our website and YouTube Channel.

What are you blogging about?

Check out the  Hello! Begin Here Page. If you still have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Do you take requests for recipes or new printables and designs?

Yes I do! I encourage our readers to make suggestions. We love to hear from our readers and followers want to hear what you would find interesting or useful. We may not be able to fulfill those requests, but will do our best to follow through when possible and reasonable.

If you would like to make a suggestion there are several ways to reach us:


Contact Us


Do you accept advertising?

Yes. If I feel that it is relevant and interesting to my readers then sure! However this is at my discretion.

Would you like to write a sponsored post for my brand?

If I feel that your brand or product is relevant and interesting to my readers then sure! However this is at my discretion. I always disclose sponsored posts.