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Now You Can Have The Gratitude Journal Of Your Dreams

Custom Build Your Gratitude Journal

The Gratitude Journal

Now you can have the Gratitude Journal of your dreams. How, you ask? Because I have created several different pages and you can use just one of them or all of them. Change up which pages you use everyday, every week, every month or every year. If a certain page is not working for you, remove it and exchange it for another page.  What store bought diary allows you to do all of that?

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Gratitude Journal Pages – In our Orange Blossoms and Butterflies Design

There are fifteen pages with this gratitude journal bundle. It starts with the cover shown at the top of this post.

  • Covers – Two “My Gratitude Journal” Covers15 free gratitude journal pages
  • Date Pages – There are three pages with a place to write the date at the top. One with the date on the right, one with the date in the center, and one with the date on the left. I love the one with the date on the right. ?
  • Sketch and Write – There are two different Sketch and Write Pages. One in the portrait style and the other in landscape. These are great if you need a visual of a project, doodling or are also using your gratitude journal as a sketch journal.
  • Sketch Page – Is a full-page to draw, sketch, doodle, plan or for whatever you can imagine.
  • Weekly Gratitude Journal – This page is great for those of you that just want to write the highlights of a day or recap the week. The boxes on the side may be used for drawing, to-do lists, goals, or what’s coming up next week.
  • Bullet Gratitude Journal Page – Bullet journals are popular and several people have written posts on how to keep one. I am not into bullet journaling and I tend to use this page for the many lists I like to make and remember.
  • Orange Lined Pages – Sorry I just did not know what else to call them. I made three pages, from my popular pages, with orange writing lines instead of the usual black. Use these for every page or holidays and special days you want to stand out.

The “Blank Titles Journal” and the “Bonus Gift Bundle”

If you prefer not to have the “Gratitude” title on every page I have created a blank journal cover and blank title pages. The “Blank Titles Journal” and a “Bonus Gift Bundle” are for subscribers only. You can Subscribe HERE for the Blank Cover and Blank Title Pages and the Bonus Gifts.

Connect With Us

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Do you love our Orange Blossoms and Butterflies Design?

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Please read my Copyright Policy before downloading and printing my printables.

Download The Gratitude Journal Planner

There are two PDF files for Download

1.  All Portrait Style Pages

2. All Landscape Style Pages

Note*** There are two covers. To first one will print normally with white boarders surrounding the edges. If you decide to print the second one you will need to print it separately from the other pages and set your printer to “No Borders.”

Benefits And Tips For Keeping A Gratitude Journal/Diary

1. Tips For Keeping A Gratitude Journal

2. Turn Pain To Joy: Tips for a Powerful Gratitude Journal

3. The Benefits of a Gratitude Journal and How to Maintain One

↓↓  I Was Made For Pinning  ↓↓

15 Free Gratitude Journal Pages to Custom Build A Unique Journal

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Where The Lilies Bloom

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10 thoughts on “Now You Can Have The Gratitude Journal Of Your Dreams

  1. Tammy
    I can't express my delight in finding this. I love all the pages and your design. They are printing as I type this and they look gorgeous. Thank you so much! I signed up for your newsletter so I can keep up to date on future designs.
    • Suzanne
      I am thrilled to hear this and thank you for joining our newsletter. I hope we will continue to offer you printouts to enjoy.
  2. Jennifer
    I was just telling my husband I wanted to keep a gratitude journal and couldn't find anything I liked until I came across your blog. Thank you. The planner is beautiful and perfect.
    • Suzanne
      Thank you Jennifer. I am so glad you found you like. I hope it serves it's purpose well for you.
  3. Jan
    Lovely journal. I really love that I can use several pages to fit into my journaling needs.

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