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Free 2018 March Monthly Art Calendar Prints

Free 2018 March Monthly Art Calendar Prints

March Blooming Luck 2018 Calendars

I have a special bond with March. Winter is pushed aside for Spring to bloom and I was born just in time to help hail it in. I also enjoy St. Patrick’s Day. When I was young and going to school my fellow students and I had a chance to dress all in green and we usually had fun with it by wearing our funky green clothes. Since it was the 80’s it wasn’t all that hard to do.

The March Calendars

  • Lucky March – Landscape

There’s a lot of lucky symbolism going on in the Lucky March calendar. There’s the horseshoe turned up, so the luck doesn’t run out. We have the lucky four leaf clover, the four leaves representing health, love, luck, and wealth. Then there’s the rainbow with the gold at the end.

All the photo elements, the wood background, horseshoe, clover, flowers, and rainbow came from  pixabay.

The Gold dust was created by Alaina, and can be found on Creative Market – Studio Denmark

Free 2018 March Monthly Art Calendar Prints

  • Blooming March – Portrait

Beautiful flower colors against a perfect white-blue sky.

Photo is from pixabay. I cropped the sides just a little to fit to the top of the page. I added just a hint of mint green to the background of the calendar background.

Wild Flowers Free 2018 March Monthly Art Calendar Prints

Calendars are created to fit 8.5 x11 paper size.

Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments.

Be sure to send us your photos showing us how you decided to incorporate them into your decor.

Download Link

⇒ 2018 March Monthly Art Calendar Prints ⇐

file is in a zipped format. Once unzipped the files are in a PDF format.

Love The Calendars?

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Free 2018 March Monthly Art Calendar Prints

Free March Monthly Art Calendar Prints

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4 thoughts on “Free 2018 March Monthly Art Calendar Prints

  1. Mabel
    I am really liking your monthly calendars. I saw that you framed a few and I copied that and placed it on our front entrance table. My mother-in-law and a few guests have complimented the idea. Thank you for all you do. I love your printables, especially the planners.
    • Suzanne
      Mabel, that's awesome! Thank you so much for letting us know how you incorporated the monthly calendars into your decor. It sounds adorable. We love hearing from our visitors!

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