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20 Free Holiday Menu Pages To Keep You Organized This Christmas

20 Free Holiday Menu Pages To Stay Organized This Christmas Season

Holiday Menu Planner

Prevent holiday stress by planning before the season gets too busy, plan out what courses you and your family enjoy eating around the Christmas holiday. It’s a great way to record your family traditions and pass them them down for future generations to look through and use.


Our family has many traditional events surrounding Christmas, including Christmas parties, Christmas Eve dinner, breakfast Christmas morning and the big family Christmas dinner. That’s why I’ve created several different pages.

If you happen to be very traditional and serve the same dishes each year, fill out the forms once and then place them in your planner so you can refer to the pages each year without having to recreate your same plan over and over or forget something that family members enjoy.

Our family likes to incorporate new ideas and dishes each year, but everyone has that one dish or special event they want to do each year so that it feels like Christmas and everyone can gather up the Christmas Spirit to spread around. If this sounds like you and your family there are plenty of pages for you to keep track of all those details needed to pull off the best Christmas ever, again and again.

Once you’ve decided on exactly what you’re going to do this year, use the cards as holiday cards and/or invitations to your holiday events. Once you have your courses planned out, using all the useful planning pages, fill out one of the shopping with all the necessary ingredients so you don’t forget anything when you make your trip to the store. Don’t forget to record everyone’s favorite dishes on the handy festive recipe cards.

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  • All of the recipe/note cards I create, for special events, have a special symbol in the top left corner. This makes it easier to spot them when you are sifting through your recipe box. This particular holiday planner has a snowflake in the corner.
  •  Have a few extra recipes, of favorite dishes, written out on the recipe/note cards to pass out at family events, parties, and potlucks. Every recipient will appreciate the forethought.

Christmas Holiday Planner

  • Happy Holidays Planner Covers – Red or Green Font Title
  • Merry Christmas Planner Covers – Red or Green Font Tile
  • Divider/Cover
  • December Calendar
  • Blank Holiday Card/Invitation
  • Notes/To-Do List
  • Who Is Bringing What
  • Pantry Inventory
  • Freezer Inventory
  • Refrigerator Inventory
  • Meal Planning
  • Meal Prepping List
  • Menu Planner w/Shopping List
  • Weekly Planner w/Shopping List
  • Multi Store Shopping List
  • Meal Prepping Checklist – 2 day before, one day before, and day of
  • Table Seating Place Cards
  • Recipe Cards – Design 1
  • Recipe Cards – Design 2

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20 Free Holiday Menu Pages To Keep You Organized This Christmas

What traditions do you and your family enjoy during the holiday season? Let us know in the comments.

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Questions? Suggestions?

If you have any questions about the planner, the worksheets, or how I use them, I’m happy to help you.

Am I missing something? what would you add to make the planner better? Let us know.

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20 Free Holiday Meal Pages To Keep You Organized This Christmas

20 Free Poinsettia Holiday Meal Pages To Keep You Organized This Christmas

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