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Fabulous Recipes and Activities for Your Next Thanksgiving Family Party Event

Autumn Dinner Party

Thanksgiving Is Almost Here! Are You Prepared?

Thanksgiving is coming up fast. Are you stuck on what dish recipes to add to your family get-together? Is it lacking something to pull it all together? Are you looking for that one fabulous dish that everyone will rave over? Do you need a plan to put it all together, or do you just want something non traditional?

I love being a host. I love the cooking, the happy sounds people make when they are eating something they love, the groans of full bellies, and yes I love the praise I receive after all the hard work is put into it. I’m going to share with you my best kept secrets to a fabulous family Thanksgiving, that everyone will love and rave over.

My Best Secrets For A Fabulous Thanksgiving

An excellent, well thought out planner and pinterest. These two things have been a lifesaver when it comes to planning events. It doesn’t matter if you have a party of two or two thousand. These two tools have helped me pull off successful dinner parties every time. Below I have listed just a few ways that I am utilizing them for this Thanksgiving holiday.

1. Find an Event Meal Planner at least a month in advance. I love to create planners and have several to choose from on our site.

2. Start a Thanksgiving Pinterest Board – Personally, I like to keep this board a secret. You can include family and friends that will be attending your event and add notes for just the group.  I usually start lightly pinning to my Thanksgiving board, about 3-4 weeks before the holiday. It comes in handy when I come across an extremely interesting dish. Be careful though, there are so many good dishes out there that over pinning could become problematic. – We will revisit this board in the steps below.Pinterest Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas Board


3. 3-4 weeks out make an educated guess on a head count and start invites.  Always take into account last minute guests too.

4. If your lucky enough to have guests willing to contribute dishes start a list of  “Who Is Bringing What.”Worksheet "Who Is Bringing What"

5. To take advantage of store sales take an inventory of what is on hand and start a preliminary list of dish recipes and ingredients.  Begin with the family traditional dishes that everyone expects and any requests that flow in.

6. Part of our family tradition is to try new dishes at family gatherings. This is where I really shine. Most of the time 😀


Pinterest plays a large roll in helping me save those brainstorming ideas. However, I almost never make a recipe the way I find it. Sometimes, I will save something because it sparks an idea for something else, but it may turn out nothing like the original recipe. Most people don’t do this, but the internet holds a wealth of great ideas and pinterest is a great place to hold and categorize all these wondrous ideas.

I have built up quite a few recipe boards and another way I utilize them is to repin recipes I have already captured from those boards, to my Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas board. This helps narrow down my  ideas when I am ready to finalize our dinner plans.

7.  When you’re ready to finalize the meal, begin deleting pins, from the Thanksgiving Dinner Idea board, that you won’t be using this holiday round. Voila, you have got a working meal plan.

8. Pinterest is also my go to place for ideas on decor, kid and adult crafts, and party games/activities. Creating specific boards for holiday events will make it easier to sort through and use over and over again.

Here are some examples of the boards I use for inspiration. You are welcome to follow any of them for your own inspiration.

Holiday Meal Planner Prints

Thanksgiving Delicious Ideas

Easy Appetizers

Thanksgiving Decor

Thanksgiving Crafts and Games For Kids

After Thanksgiving Meals

8. When the festivities are over I like to sit down with a nice turkey sandwich, smothered with gravy and mashed potatoes, and while I sip on apple cider, I make some final notes in my planner. Such as, who loved what or disliked such and such. I store my holiday planners in our Home Binder for future Thanksgiving Planning.

I also reevaluate what leftovers we have and adjust our meal calendar accordingly. The last Pinterest Board above has some awesomely delicious ideas for those leftovers.

Do you have any helpful tips to share with us in the comments? We’d love to hear them.

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4 thoughts on “Fabulous Recipes and Activities for Your Next Thanksgiving Family Party Event

  1. Karen T
    I never thought to use pinterest quite like this, but now it makes perfect sense too. Awesome tips girl.
  2. Hannah
    There are some great tips on how to use pinterest. I love the idea of making a holiday dinner board and the one just for left overs is genius. Nice stuff, really nice!
    • Suzanne
      Thank you Hannah. It's always nice to hear when someone finds something useful you come up with.

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