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Category: Suzanne

Which Pill Are You Taking?

Blue Pill Red Pill

  Will You Be Taking The Blue Pill Or Red Pill? So much anger is passing between people. Families are divided, friends stop speaking, strangers hate each other. I think a lot of this is based on our personal beliefs and convictions, with an intolerance to understand or educate ourselves on opposing beliefs and convictions AND we don’t want to be wrong…

Stop Trying To Niche Me, I’m Multifaceted

Stop Trying To Niche Me I'm Multifaceted

 Life is not a set niche why should my blog be any different? Stop trying to niche me, I am Multifaceted.  Large and small businesses’ sales come from many different kinds of products and not all of them are ‘niche’ related. For example, Target sells such things as clothes, toys, school supplies, and beauty products. Kroger sells more than groceries, gas stations…

Lily And The Dandelion

Photography Lily And The Dandelion

These two photos are what sparked my renewed interest in photography. We were out walking that morning after a heavy night of rain. Lilyannah, is wearing her yellow ‘muddy puddle boots’  because she loves to play in water puddles. This beautiful bright yellow dandelion grabbed our attention. I actually shot the second photo first than stepped back to get my girl and…