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Category: Bloomin’ Lilies Blog

Our Lives Are Based On A True Story – A family blog of true stories from our lives, our life experiences, family videos, photography and and much more.

I’m Not Sorry

I'm Not Sorry

Nope Not One Bit The other day it dawned on my three-year-old who a certain person is and she walked right up to her and called her moo cow. I must admit in that moment a shock wave went right through me and left me speechless. But! I’m not sorry! I can honestly say it never crossed my mind to explain it,…

Celebrate Ride The Wind Day!!!

Blue Parrot Kite Flying On Ride The Wind Day

  It is Ride The Wind Day! Enjoy one of the last days of summer with the wind blowing in your hair as you look out over a beautiful horizon, fly a kite, go sky diving or sit pool side with your favorite drink in hand. August 23rd is Ride The Wind Day. It was created to commemorate the anniversary of the…

A Gift of Sunshine

Happy Birthday Sunshine This is a special time of year for our family, it is when we welcomed my youngest son into the world. That was twenty years ago! For the last week or so my mind has replayed those last 20 years. From newborn to adult. From helplessness to independence. His sunshiny personality. His fearless discovery of the outdoors and everything…