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Category: Bloomin’ Lilies Blog

Our Lives Are Based On A True Story – A family blog of true stories from our lives, our life experiences, family videos, photography and and much more.

Which Pill Are You Taking?

Blue Pill Red Pill

  Will You Be Taking The Blue Pill Or Red Pill? So much anger is passing between people. Families are divided, friends stop speaking, strangers hate each other. I think a lot of this is based on our personal beliefs and convictions, with an intolerance to understand or educate ourselves on opposing beliefs and convictions AND we don’t want to be wrong…

Free 2018 March Monthly Art Calendar Prints

Printable Wall Art Calendar March

March Blooming Luck 2018 Calendars I have a special bond with March. Winter is pushed aside for Spring to bloom and I was born just in time to help hail it in. I also enjoy St. Patrick’s Day. When I was young and going to school my fellow students and I had a chance to dress all in green and we usually…