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25 Pages To Build The Perfect Journal Unique To You

25 Free Pages To Build A Custom Journal

25 Journal Pages With Special Bonus Gifts

I love journals and have been keeping one on and off since I was eight. Keeping a journal, or diary as many have called it, can help clarify your thoughts, ideas, notions and problems. It can also help manage those overwhelming emotions and reduce anxiety and stress. The ability is there to gain perspective on your thoughts and feelings.

A journal can be profoundly personal and something tangible to go back to to relive parts of your life. Your life based on a true story, spread out over time. It is also a place to record whatever you wish. Be it your darkest secrets, your first crush, your innermost feelings, how events made you feel and changed your life. It is a friend that is always nonjudgmental and always listening. You are free to complain about your problems or boast about your achievements. The good. The bad. The ugly. There is power and knowledge to gain in self-discovery. Which can change your life and the way you see it.

How do you use a journal?

There is power and knowledge to attain in self-discovery. Click To Tweet

Keeping journals will also help you improve your memory, spelling and grammar. It will help you focus and in turn helps with critical thinking and problem solving skills. Which helps you become more open to insights you may have missed before. It also gets the creative juices flowing. It a tool to see how you have grown and changed. Write down your beliefs, values, emotions and goals. This will help you to better understand your relationship to those things. In return you will see what is important to you and what is not so important.

How has keeping a journal helped you?

You can also use your journal to record your goals, the brilliant ideas you have for projects, to-do lists, done lists, plans for the future, poems, stories and study notes. You can also keep collections such as leaves or flowers (see the bottom of this post for links to craft a leaf or flower collection). A journal is so much more than writing down your thoughts. It is multi functional. Who does not love that?

A journal is so much more than writing down your thoughts. It is multi functional. Click To Tweet

Everyone’s Needs Are Different

Everyone has different needs and wants and I love to have choices. My printables reflect that (probably a little on the extreme side). I came up with several options so that you can build the perfect  journal unique to your needs. I can not encourage you enough to keep one, but let me try by showing you what I have made for you all.

Keeping a journal can change your life and the way you see it. Click To Tweet

There are Two Journal Choices. Feel free to mix and match with them all.

  1. One with titles written at the top.
  2. One with blank titles for those of you that want that extra personalization.
My Journal pages

My Journal – In our Orange Blossoms and Butterflies Design

There are fourteen pages with this Build The Perfect Journal bundle. It starts with the cover shown at the top of this post.

  • Cover – My Journal
  • My Journal Page – Use it as the first page or as a way to separate different sections or chapters of your journal.
  • Date Pages – There are three pages with a place to write the date at the top. One with the date on the right, one with the date in the center, and one with the date on the left. I love the one with the date on the right. 🙂
  • Sketch and Write – There are two different Sketch and Write Pages. One in the portrait style and the other in landscape. These are great if you need a visual of a project, doodling or are also using your journal as a sketch journal. I have also printed out these pages on card stock for collecting plant samples such as leaves or flowers. If you love this idea check out the links at the bottom of this post.
  • Sketch Page – Is a full-page to draw, sketch, doodle, plan or for whatever you can imagine.
  • Weekly Journal – This page is great for those of you that just want to write the highlights of a day or recap the week. The boxes on the side may be used for drawing, to-do lists, goals, or what’s coming up next week.
  • Bullet Journal Page – Bullet journals are popular and several people have written posts on how to keep one. I tend to use this page for the many lists I like to make and remember.
  • Orange Lined Pages – Sorry I just did not know what else to call them. I made three pages, from my popular pages, with orange writing lines instead of the usual black. Use these for every page or holidays and special days you want to stand out.

Journal Pages With Blank Titles

The Blank Titles Journal – In our Orange Blossoms and Butterflies Design

This journal is like the one above. Except, I left the cover and titles blank so that you can customize them to your needs. As an example, you can see in the photo above that I customized my name into the cover. The three ‘Date Pages’ are exactly the same, but I wanted them to be available in each Planner. In all there are fourteen pages in this Bundle. Feel free to mix and match them with any of our available printables. These are great for the special projects I mentioned above or to just give your days special titles. I have used these styles of pages for my poems and short story journals.

Bonus Gift Bundle

The Bonus Bundle matches the Orange Blossoms and Butterflies Design.

  • This Book Belongs To ______ – In two different designs
  • Greeting Card – For birthdays, Anniversaries, thank you notes, invitations or just to say hi.
  • Bookmarks – Two designs with Mark Twain quotes
  • Note Cards – Two designs. I list a number of uses for these at the end of this  “VIDEO
  • Stationary Sheets – Three designs. For writing just about anything you want.

Please read my Copyright Policy before downloading and printing my printables.

The “My Journal” Bundle is free to all my visitors. It’s in two downloadable PDF files.

  1. My Journal First File
  2. My Journal Second File

The “Blank Titles Journal” and the “Bonus Gift Bundle”

The “Blank Titles Journal” and the “Bonus Gift Bundle” are for current subscribers only. You can Subscribe HERE for both the Journals and the Bonus Gifts.

Are you customizing your journal with our “My Journal” pages? Let us know in the comments. If you enjoy our journal pages tag us with your pics on Instagram. Use the hash tags:

  • #myuniquejournal

Or upload it to our Facebook Printables Group.

Looking For Children’s Journals?

Sketch and Write – Journal Sketch and Write – Summer Theme

Sketch and Write – Shark Week – Journal Sketch and Write Pages for All Ages

Collection Ideas

Make a leaf collection – Preparing a Tree Leaf Collection

Make a Flower collection – Pressing Flowers

Lavender Life’s Free Printable To Help With Your Anxiety

I LOVE this printable by Sarah. When I was younger I suffered from extreme Anxiety. I still have anxiety attacks but writing is a wonderful way to heal and overcome the worst of attacks. Sarah’s printable is straightforward and very easy to use. – Free Printable To Help Your Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety visit Sarah at Lavender Life.  She discusses her journey and shares how she is dealing with anxiety and improving her life.

Plain Journal Page

Are you looking for a no frills plain page? Here is one at

Do you love our Orange Blossoms and Butterflies Design?

Frameable Art – Mark Twain Inspirational Quote

Cleaning Supplies Checklists  – The Complete List of Household Cleaning Supplies

Calendar – Evergreen Printable Calendars – 1 and 2 Page Monthly Spreads

Meal Planner – Complete Meal Planning Collection: 46 Worksheets for Every Meal Planning Scenario

Build The Perfect Journal

25 Pages To Build Your Own Journal


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18 thoughts on “25 Pages To Build The Perfect Journal Unique To You

  1. Ginger
    I love, love, love this journal. Thank you so much for sharing it. I have already printed out about 100 pages.
    • Suzanne
      Ginger, I am so glad you found something you love and I hope you find it useful for as long as you need it.
  2. Tammy
    I just finished printing the gratitude journal with this same design then saw this one. I am so excited beyond words. Thank you!!!! I am so happy right now!
  3. Jona
    Oh my goodness! This is a fantastic idea! I can't wait to put mine together. Thank you so much for making these.
  4. Kina
    Really cute journal. I love the idea of mixing and matching pages. I'm downloading these so I can start using them immediately.
  5. Kelsi H
    great idea! I buy sooooo many journals because each has a few things I like style wise - doing a build your own version would be perfect. thanks for sharing!

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