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A Gift of Sunshine

family photos Celebrating my son's birthday

Happy Birthday Sunshine

This is a special time of year for our family, it is when we welcomed my youngest son into the world. That was twenty years ago! For the last week or so my mind has replayed those last 20 years. From newborn to adult. From helplessness to independence. His sunshiny personality. His fearless discovery of the outdoors and everything around him.

Michael, was the happiest baby. Bumps, falls, scrapes and bleeding did not keep him from losing that light. There was the time he was just learning to pull himself up to objects and was laughing up a storm when he lost his balance and hit his head on the corner of the coffee table. I held my breath, he peered at me with wide eyes for just a moment, then broke out in laughter. Their was a large-sized bump on his head from that incident.

He is the child that caused my heart to skip a beat the most. I knew if I heard, “Mama, watch!” or “Mom! Michael…”

I needed to stop whatever I was doing and run to the scene. I was in the backyard one day when I heard,

“Mama, watch!”

and looked up in time to witness my young, daring child fly out of a tree. A story off the ground! My mind still plays it in slow motion, while my heart still skips a beat and my stomach turns nauseous for a moment.. He did land on his feet and to this day I do not know how he never broke a bone.

Another heart skipping, stomach turning moment, came when his sister came running in the house,

“Mom!! Michael, (I’m half way out the door) is playing with a baby snake. He is making it hiss with his toes”

Yup, my son had thrown caution to the wind and was kicking a small baby water moccasin.

Michael and my daughter Aimee, were joined at the hip when they were young children. They played their secret games, she told him what to eat first on his plate, she helped their older brothers trick him into getting into the washing machine and gave him oodles of extra love.  Yes, his sister was bossy with him, nevertheless, he happily did her bidding. Well, almost all of the time anyway. He did like to change it up a bit now and again and rebelled against her rule with a smile on his face and a quick escape.

There were numerous times that smile and laugh of his brought someone out of some sadness. His joy and loving nature are contagious and healing. His life, thus far, has not been all smiles and sunshine, but he is pulling through like a champ. I occasionally miss the boy in the young man before me, but I continue to enjoy watching him on his journey. My own journey would never have been complete if I had not been a part of his. I feel so blessed to be a part of his life.

My Son. My Love! My Gift of Sunshine! Happy Birthday!


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4 thoughts on “A Gift of Sunshine

  1. Laura Noelle
    How beautiful! This is what life and parenthood is all about--nurturing a young dependent child into a spirited, passionate adult. Thank you for sharing your journey!

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