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15 Free Worksheets to Plan Your Thanksgiving Family Party Event Meal

Plan Your Next Family Thanksgiving Event Meal With 15 Free Pages

It’s Thanksgiving!

I love Thanksgiving, it’s definitely one of my favorite holidays. Family and friends getting together for good food, company, playful banter, stories, music and games.  I’m truly excited. I’m doubly excited for this year’s family get-together because not only am I preparing most of the dishes, but we get to host this year too.

Let Me Explain

Grandma has been wanting to pass the larger family gathering baton for a few years now. I stepped in and took over the family’s traditional Thanksgiving dinner, however, for the last several years we have lived in a tiny apartment.  So, while I have prepared most of the food it had to be packed up and dragged to grandma’s house. This past spring a home was bought, so, no more tiny apartment here.

The Baton Past.

I am happy to be the recipient

Do you love to plan, plot, scheme, organize and cook for loved ones? I DO! I especially love throwing them a curve ball of new non traditional dish recipes. In past years, I have fumbled the ball a bit on some dish recipes, but most have been slam dunks. Several recipes have been so well received that requests for this year are filling up all the menu spots I usually have reserved for new ideas.  

Mixed Emotions

While this all causes me to feel warm and chipper inside, it also leaves me longing for a creative way to express myself. It’s a great feeling to have people rave and love your creations, especially loved ones. nonetheless, it kinda dampers the creative juices.

I decided the best way to release some artistic ideas was to create a Thanksgiving Family Party Event Planner.

‘The 15 Worksheets to Plan Your Thanksgiving Family Party Event Meal’ Is Born

We are expecting 20+ guests For Thanksgiving Dinner. This is the largest crowd I have ever cooked for. As you can imagine that takes lots of food, we’re talking two turkeys for this household, and a well organized plan.

I needed a planner and fast! I quickly wrote up some notes on what I thought would be helpful and started a To-Do List. Number one on my to-do list was to make sure I wasn’t cooking both turkeys.

(Thank you Aunt Cheryl!!!)

A simple 5 page planner was the initial project I had in mind, but the ideas kept flowing, and I realized that was not going to cut it. I needed an event planner!  Eventually, I had to put the breaks on at 15 pages or it wouldn’t be available in time for Thanksgiving.

Next year folks!  Next year’s planner will be epic! Nonetheless, this one is pretty impressive in it’s own right, if I may say so myself.

And I do say so 😀

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Thanksgiving Planner

  • Thanksgiving Planner Cover
  • Divider/Cover
  • Happy Thanksgiving Holiday Card/Invitation
  • Notes/To-Do List
  • Who Is Bringing What
  • Pantry Inventory
  • Freezer Inventory
  • Refrigerator Inventory
  • Meal Prepping List
  • Thanksgiving Menu Planner w/Shopping List
  • Weekly Planner w/Shopping List
  • Multi Store Shopping List
  • Meal Prepping Checklist – 2 day before, one day before, and day of
  • Table Seating Place Cards
  • Recipe Cards – Design 1
  • Recipe Cards – Design 2

Download Link 

15 Free Worksheets to Plan Your Thanksgiving Family Party Event Meal

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Questions? Suggestions?

If you have any questions about the planner, the worksheets, or how I use them, I’m happy to help you.

Am I missing something? what would you add to make the planner better? Let us know.

Please read our Disclosure and Copyright Policy before you download and print any of the printables.

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15 Free Worksheets To Plan Your Next Family Thanksgiving Event Meal

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2 thoughts on “15 Free Worksheets to Plan Your Thanksgiving Family Party Event Meal

  1. Hannah
    Amazing planner, fascinating stuff you made here! I positively loved reading through a number of your earlier posts and have found them helpful. Thank you for sharing.
    • Suzanne
      You're welcome, Hannah. I am so glad to hear that you have found our site useful. I hope found a planner you like and can work with. If you ever have an suggestions for future planners let us know. We love to hear from our fans!

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